Borg Brückner


b. 1986, HK.

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Oliver Borg von Bülow & Laurits Brückner Jensen



Borg Brückner
Siljangade 6, 3. tv
2300 København S


Selected CLIENTS :

At BB we form strong collaborations with pioneers and well respected brands. 

We have been lucky to work with amazing brands and individuals and seek to develop new meaningfull relations.

Birger Christensen
CPH Studio Hotel
Rezet Sneaker Store





Borg Brückner is a strategic design agency based in Copenhagen.

We work with architecture, interior and design.



At Borg Brückner we work in a wide spectrum of scale, from mass-produced products and furniture to large-scale interior projects and service design. 

Our goal is to create simple solutions, based on thorough research in use, presence, place, form and function. 

With experience from home and abroad Borg Brückner works with an international scope. 

We use pre-fabricated elements and custom solutions in an unconventional mix, highlighting functional solutions with a strong presence. 

We believe that great things comes from an practice where products are created, not in solitude, but by being proactive and informed on recent developments, as well as the past.

Inspiration and references comes from as different sources as design history, culture, art, society, politics and enviromental issues.