We provide a range of services from one-shop design to industrial products for mass production. Below is a few examples, but we are always keen custom fit a service for your needs.


From Idea to Finalisation

We develop projects from the earliest stages to final delivery. We manage all parts of the proces and what we can’t do ourselves, we trust the best in the field to do. We work with transformation of already existing things or spaces as well as designing from a clean slate. Our main focus is your business purpose, with a refined and heartfull artistic vision, but with the infinite goal of creating growth in your company.

Launch to Market

We set the best team to launch your brand, company or product to the market. With people we know and people who know more than we do, we create the greatest team for your purpose. After years in the business we know who to turn to concerning graphic design, lightning, communication or what ever needed. And we know the advantages of good team work which is why we will be team managers and all communication will go through us until we launch your product to market.

Custom elements

We design costum elements for your home, shop, office or wherever needed. We are curious and openminded in our analysis of your wishes and values and we desire intelligent design solutions build with simple, informal materials. We work in close dialogue with our suppliers and make an effort in knowing and listening to the best in the field.


We offer thorough and professional consulting in building your brand, company or product. With our experience, education and know how we provide efficient and profound counselling. We make it our finest task to analyse, perceive and support the obvious needs and the underlying values of your brand.

industrial design

We have a love for simple things with a well thought design behind. And with a background in industrial design studies we like to design these elements for mass production. We’re inspired by the art world but also of the world around us, and we find beauty and function in everything from construction sites to composition of the simplest elements we walk by.