Borg Brückner

Copy of Libratone Flagship


Libratone Flagship Store

Østergade 26, 1100 Copenhagen k
70 m2

BB was responsible for:
· Full Service from concept to construction and delivery

In 2018 Libratone updated their visual identity and our task was to transform the new colourful presence to a spatial concept.

The unique location was formerly a fashion store and although the large window provide great exposure they are horrible in terms of acoustics.

To solve this we worked closely with acoustic specialists and the design features different acoustic materials that together creates the best listening experience.

ZIPP 2 is the key speaker from Libratone with 360 FullRoom® sound. To fully experience this we created a listening room in the back of the store for customers to try it in a home-like setting.


All pictures by Rasmus Hetoft


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